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Yoli Tamu: Educator, Podcast Host, Motivational Speaker

The back to me podcast
Yoli Tamu

Mission Statement

The  Back To Me Project is a multi-media motivational platform  that uses a podcast, workshops, and speaking engagements to fulfill our mission of helping multicultural incoming freshmen women and men manage their entire college experience throughout post-graduation to successfully transition into entrepreneurship and corporate workspaces as new hires.

Celebrating Our 100th Episode Anniversary Special

Yoli Tamu | The back to me podcast

The Back to Me Podcast: College and Beyond

The Back to Me Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted and executive produced by Yoli Tamu. Each week in the thirty-minute show, Yoli seamlessly shares enlightening, engaging, and entertaining conversations that feature monthly themes and a wide array of special guests from all social classes and professions. The podcast is available on ITunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Meg Pitman

Becoming the Breakthrough Leader Episode 155

CSU Student Scholars

Preserving Our Mental Health at Coppin Episode 154

Dr. Tiffany Herbert

Navigating the Commuter College Experience Episode 153

Seli Fakorzi, LPCS-S

Decreasing Barriers to Care Episode 152

Yoli Tamu

Yoli Tamu

Yoli’s journey of becoming a podcaster, educator, speaker, author, and recording artist reflects unfettered resiliency, rejuvenation, self-advocation, voracious optimism, and enthusiastic commitment to use her life lessons and challenges to empower and motivate young people. She had to overcome extreme adversity to get “back to me” and be spiritually, mentally, and physically whole enough to help other young women and men avoid having to “get back to themselves”.

The Back to Me Project offers speaking engagements and a series of workshops on conceptual themes under the umbrella theme of Be B.O.L.D., Be Brave, Be YOU: 4 Ways to Break Free.

Bathe in The Aftermath: The Self-Awareness Challenge

By completing a self-assessment, develop a strategic plan to clear your emotional debris and realize your full potential.

Own Your Invincible Status: Building A Lifestyle of Peace with Relationships That Matter

Identify healthy character traits and values that you require of yourself, your friends, and your dating partners.

Love the Skin You’re in Because It’s So Beautiful: Meditating for An Altered State of Mind and Celebrating Conscious Beauty

Explore affirmative practices and breathing exercises to release old pain from personal trauma, instead of substituting with alcohol, drugs, and sexual experimentation.

Develop Your Network and Hold on to Us: Supporting Communities While Developing a Career Pathway You Love

By completing a career assessment and action plan, identify your personal attributes to better understand your career interests for internship opportunities that serve your community.

The Back to Me Workshops can comfortably accommodate 25 – 100 people.
The length of each workshop is 45-minutes (in-person or virtually) and can be extended to 90 minutes.
The second part of the extended workshops allow for partnering and sharing, and group interaction among the partners.
In addition, our workshop series is offered for a 3-hour Mini-Retreat, or as a four-week academic course.

Be B.O.L.D., Be Brave, Be YOU: 4 Ways to Break Free in 30 Days!

This course will be available soon! If you would like to learn more, sign up and be one of the first to gain access to this powerful experience by becoming a member of our Facebook Group!