Yoli Tamu

Yoli Tamu /Back to Me

Released independently March/2017 by Yoli Tamu Enterprises. Features 10 original songs and collaborations with co-writers Jackson Morgan, Akelee Relliford, Jamal Whittington and Ferrell Drew. Grammy Award-winning producer Augie Ray (Erica Campbell for Best Gospel Album 2014, Rhianna, Sir Elton John) produced the album and Beloryze served as co-producer.

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Back to Me: A Devotional Walk for the College Freshman Woman

Self-published on Amazon (March 2018), Yoli Tamu’s debut as an author depicts her personal journey through the stressors of college life. Students will explore the life lessons learned in the book, compare their own lives to similar circumstances, and be inspired to apply collaborative strategies through group activities. The activities are designed to further strengthen their social and interpersonal coping skills related to roommates, dating partners, alcohol, drug use, and violence.

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