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An excerpt from Yoli Tamu’s book, “Back to Me: A Devotional Walk for College Freshman Woman


One weekend, a few of my friends in the dorm came to my room to invite me to a fraternity party they heard about near campus. I was tired and bored that evening, so I agreed to go. The fraternity house was walking distance from our dorm. I was excited to get off campus

with my friends, and I felt safe enough to go because the party wasn’t too far away from our dorm.

When we got there, the house was full of college students having a great time. I remember the lights being low and plenty of folks dancing with each other, while holding their red plastic cups of Ever Clear punch. I had never heard of Ever Clear punch before, but I was told it was an alcohol that you could hardly taste in the punch. So, my friends and I went over to the refreshment table

where the punch bowl was and filled up our cups! After about 30 minutes, I started to really feel drowsy. I was sillier than usual. For some reason, everything was funny to me. Guys were starting to notice me and my friends now. A few of them came over to find out who we were

and what was so funny. We told them we were new to Howard. I recognized one of the guys from the Fine Arts Dept. and we struck up a conversation, while the other guys started talking to my friends. These guys were cute, but my head was starting to hurt and I was starting to feel sick. One of my friends yelled out, “Light weight!

I quietly excused myself and slowly made my way back to the refreshment table, while holding onto to the wall to get some water to wake myself up. When I got to the table this time, there was another guy there in a big black jacket. It was pretty hot in the house from all the body heat and I thought it was strange that he was still wearing his jacket. He didn’t really seem happy to be there, but he did acknowledge me with a nod of his head when I walked over. He actually looked sad and I asked him if he was having a good time. He said, “I’m alright.” I told him, “I’m not. That punch was too much for me.” He said, “Yeah. You gotta take your time with that stuff. Drink some water. You’ll be alright.” I thought to myself, for a guy who seemed to be bored with the whole night, he was pretty cool. So, I stayed at the punch table for awhile and just began to watch the crowd with him. No words were spoken. We were just watching the crowd.

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