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An excerpt from Yoli Tamu’s book, “Back to Me: A Devotional Walk for College Freshman Woman


When we arrived in Hong Kong the weather was cold and it rained periodically, but it was a beautiful place to behold. The streets were busy like the pace of New York and the historical presence of Chinese art and culture was everywhere. I fell in love with the fast pace and the warm greetings we received. We were greeted by a group of Hong Kong Ambassadors who were very excited to see the show and us as well! After they told us briefly about our itinerary for the week, Professor M told us we would have a few days to rehearse and give them the best show possible.

After the show, the Ambassadors hosted a dinner for us and we were able to meet with some of the audience members. They were so gracious and kind. They thoroughly enjoyed us. Those that spoke English asked about our school and how long we had been performing the show. I was asked if I was a Music major and if I planned to continue singing as a profession. I was stunned by the question because it immediately made me think about how much more I enjoyed singing than acting. I responded and said, “I am a Musical Theatre major, but I think I will probably pursue singing more seriously. Who knows? You might see me back here someday!” I was thankful for the exchange because it told me I had something special that could possibly take me to places I had never dreamed of.

Never in my wildest dreams, did I think that this trip to study and perform abroad would help me learn more about myself, my cast mates, and how inspiring an international connection with others could be. As a result of this experience, my dream to perform around the world was being realized and it may have remained a dream had it not been for this incredible opportunity from the Department of Fine Arts at Howard University.

While performing in Hong Kong, I realized the importance of “Holding Onto Us’. Get your copy HERE and discover just how valuable studying abroad was for me in preparation for my career beyond the Quad.