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A One-Woman Show

“Back to Me,” One Woman’s Musical Journey to Self-Discovery

A Live Performance Option with a 15-minute Q&A

This spiritually charged and heartfelt musical performance by Yoli Tamu takes the audience on an unforgettable journey through one woman’s discovery of self and God after experiencing a sexual assault in college. The show opens with “Aftermath,” a powerful song that discusses the emotional debris that was left behind after the assault. It is then followed by a revelation that is discovered through her attempt to forgive her assailant with a letter she shares addressed to him. After reading the letter and releasing her pain, Yoli sings “Gone Away,” and decides it is time to get out of her emotional rut. In an emotional monologue, Yoli recounts the details of her assault while sharing the prayer she prayed in the midst of the attack.

The monologue is followed by “On My Way Home,” a celebratory song that acknowledges her survival from the attack and her new-found connection to God. She briefly discusses the value of her relationship with God and the difficulty that follows when seeking relationships with people. She performs “Anybody Out There?,” a song dedicated to the romantic lover she yearns for and hopes to meet someday. After the song, she also discusses the importance of self-love and begins to sing “Back to Me,” a song that announces her new way of being and living in a world of familiar and unfamiliar faces.

Although Yoli is ready to move forward with her new-found confidence, she still struggles with some insecurities about life and her purpose in it. She sings “Headlights,” a song that reveals her fears about embracing the future and what awaits her in the distance of the headlights she sees coming her way. After this soul-stirring song, Yoli looks out into the audience and challenges people to take the ride of life in spite of their fears. She guarantees they will experience some pain in the process, but encourages them to recognize the joy with her final song, “Surrender.”